Effects of Food Waste

Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Supermarkets and other Shopping Centers produce a lot of food wastes. This starts from production, distribution and the actual sale. In actual, people come, buy food, eat and then go and will leave some left overs. Can you imagine how and where they put this food waste everyday? They dump it in landfills. If this is left unmanaged, there will be a lot of problems and definitely a lot of losses not only financially but it will greatly affect the environment.

Too much food waste will cause damage to our planet. It will affect the environment. It will affect all of us living in it.

  1. Biodiversity Loss – There is approximately 50% of livable land used for food production now. If businesses continue to arise at a fast pace, there will be more lands converted, trees cut, animals that will no longer have their homes. Do we really want to live in a world full of buildings and establishments only?
  2. Wastage of Natural Land and Water – The land and water resources that will be destroyed to build establishments can be used for a much greater purpose like an important research to help people in the Agricultural sector or how to give people access to cleaner water.
  3. No more Forests – If forests will also be converted to commercial purposes, it would mean no more trees that will help prevent floods, no more trees that will produce fresh air and no more trees that will give a certain kind of calmness and peacefulness.
  4. Climate Change – If food waste is not properly managed, it will release methane and will contribute more to Global warming.
  5. Food insecurity and Financial losses – Many people will not have enough reach to food and a lot of businesses will suffer financially if there will be no process in place.

These are the challenges that we are continuously facing due to food wastage and things are getting worse. It really sounds alarming but only a few people are concerned and aware at this moment. We need to express a little more love to the environment. We have to listen to its needs or it will asks a payback. The environment, the trees, the land and the water, the animals were created for a reason and it shouldn’t die because humans are so busy just thinking about making money and harming other people. Let us not be selfish and save our environment before we ran out of time. Let us not make the next generations suffer because of our mistakes. What each people in the food business and every person in the household need to do is to start being aware and contribute in their own little ways.

The Food Waste Collective will be offering seminars and short courses this third quarter of the year to learn more about these things. Upcoming topics and schedules below.

A. Global Food Waste Situation – July 2021

B. Food Waste Management in the Food Industry – August 2021

C. Proper Food Waste Disposal at Home – September 2021

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