The Food Waste Collective is a business that concentrates on collecting food scraps from other businesses like restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, cafes and other food shops and shopping centers. Food wastes create a huge impact in the environment and this is the reason why businesses like us exist. We convert food scraps into something more useful like fertilizers for trees, nutrient-dense food for people and animals and we also do composting and recycling. We also share information and tips on how you can manage your own food waste and contribute to the environment by providing seminars and this in return will also save you a lot of money.

We are professionals from the Food industry such as Food Service, Food Manufacturing, Food Processing, Environmental Scientists, Tree Surgeons, Agriculture enthusiasts who have a common goal of reducing food waste in general to conserve more energy and resources and prevent pollution. You can trust that we are knowledgeable and experienced enough and we have created unique and effective strategies to find a resolution to food waste.

This business is dedicated to help many people in the food businesses and the like and ordinary citizens who would like to make a difference and improve their food waste management system in their own homes. Let’s help each other save the environment and find more ways to sustain it for more generations to see and experience! Support our business and spread the word about food waste reduction!