Care for Trees

If your tree is left un-pruned, the tree can become too big, may even block out sunlight, views and may be a hazard. Regular maintenance should always be provided to avoid overgrown trees. If you are not confident enough in growing and caring for your own tree and need more information. It is always best to seek help from a Tree Surgeon. A Tree Surgeon is a professional on caring for trees. They are fully equipped with knowledge and experience on trees. One of the most popular and trusted in caring for trees are the Tree Surgeons from Edinburgh. They are a team of Tree Surgeons and Arborists serving Edinburgh, Lothian and Central Belt regions. These people are natural lover of trees and the environment and they are also advocates of lessening food waste in the planet.

Fertilizers from Food Waste

Food waste can be converted to fertilizers for trees. A lot of you may have gone through this already in school but haven’t had the chance to really understand it. Here in Food Waste Collective, we’ll help you understand it simply. This would also be beneficial for those who are caring for their own trees

Reducing food waste at home

Food wastes are everywhere and we don’t just have to look at restaurants or food shops. We all have it at home; left overs from home-cooked meals or deliveries, peelings from fruits and vegetables and even spoiled food that we forgot to take out from the refrigerator. What we do is usually just throw it

Effects of Food Waste

Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Supermarkets and other Shopping Centers produce a lot of food wastes. This starts from production, distribution and the actual sale. In actual, people come, buy food, eat and then go and will leave some left overs. Can you imagine how and where they put this food waste everyday? They dump it in